• Engr. Mark Timothy Advento

Oton, Iloilo Puregold Pre-bid Conference Last Call

Good day to all contractors,

This is Engr. Mark Timothy Advento, the one facilitating the bidding of Oton, Iloilo Puregold. This will be the last call for the tender proper.

The deadline for procuring Oton, Iloilo bid documents is August 4, 2017. The date for the pre-bid conference for NCR is August 2, 2017. The date for the pre-bid meeting for Iloilo is August 3, 2017. Only those who have procured the plans will be allowed to participate in the pre-bid conference.

The pre-bid conference is not mandatory but recommended so that any questions that you have can be clarified. There will only be two pre-bid conferences.

You are expected to visit the site on your own. We will be assisting but not necessary accompanying your representative to the site.

For more information, please contact Arch. Zyra or Jonah: 09778010802, 09255155525.

You can also email us at: arkiadvento@yahoo.com


Engr. Mark Timothy Advento

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