• Engr. Mark Timothy Advento

Maybe it is time to move-on to something better than Wix...

For a long time, we have been using Wix as our website platform. I mean why not? It is cheap, fast, and does its job. Then, it is still using a crappy flash and hashtags in URL (for those who is not familiar, this setup is terrible for your website and SEO). We thought we just need a site so we can have a digital footprint.

Then suddenly, the Philippines is in the internet age with the advent of Facebook. At first, it was just a better Friendster. Boom. It was now part of everyone's life.

Now Wix gave us this awesome FB Ad Coupon, so we used it to boost our exposure. Out of nowhere, we are getting likes by the hundreds. We thought that it cannot be right. I mean we are a local design/build company so having like 2k likes is already a milestone (we did mark it as a milestone... silly me). Before the coupon is spent, we already garnered like 5k likes and gained a few clients. Thank you, FB and Wix.

At first, we were happy. We are a small time company who used word-of-mouth. A little lift is fun and all that, but we should be focusing on our core. So I did what any penny-pinching business partner would do, I dropped this "expensive" marketing in 2012. Results, we end up with months with no projects.

We further confirmed this theory recently. Due to particular problems, we are forced to remove our ads for a few months. Results? We did not get any leads during these months which means we end up below our quota of projects for this year.

Now I have just to accept it. The Internet is the new venue even for a traditional business like us. So I went to work, read and learn everything that I can.

From my research, I found out that I am not using the best platform I can for my business. Wix apparently has a lot of glaring problems. While they continue to fix most of the things like SEO, a lot still lingers. The one that stings, their site speed.

According to my Google Analytics, my potential client may end up waiting anywhere from eight (8) to forty (40) seconds for my website to load! The hell is wrong with this numbers. Most people would have pressed the back button if the site did not load by five (5). No wonder I have a freaking eighty-four percent (84%) bounce rate (bounce rate is for people that check one page then bounce... yeah... bounce out of the site) for my mobile and seventy percent (70%) for my desktop. This results gave me a bad rap, and even if my domain name is alive for like seven years, I only got a domain authority of five (5) out of a hundred. Meaning Google hates me (or my site). The only people that checked my website came from FB, and seventy-five percent (75%) got tired and didn't wait for it to load.

Right now, I will be reaching a two thousand (2000) visits per month site visit. Not good for most metrics, but for a business like us, this is great already. We are reaching like twenty (20) prospective to two (2) clients per month. Now imagine if most stayed to look at our website. You don't have to be an engineer to know that numbers are definitely going to be better.

I sent a support ticket at the time of this writing to Wix. I need a better answer than changing my *bleep* font. (Yes, they blamed the fat font for making my website slow.) I got four months before the rent for my website is up. So Wix sent another generic answer from the help menu saying, that website load slower these days anyway. Sure, slower... but not this slow. Analytics gave me an eighteen (18) seconds average loading time to my current visits...damn that is pretty bad. Thanks for all those who waited for my site to load.

Well luck has it that my brother needs to create a website that will handle a lot of traffic. So I gave him an advice like any good brother should do, don't use Wix. Well, they have no intention anyway. Good thing he is a lot smarter than me.

So now we bought this awesome hosting (A2 Hosting) and domain for his new website. I will be piggybacking on his hosting to check if it is indeed better to switch out of Wix. I will be using my other domain (adventobuilders.com) to experiment with hosting and Wordpress.


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