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Do you really need an architect?

Everybody dreams of building his or her dream house. For sure, you have a picture in mind of how your dream house would look. You may want a minimalist house equipped with glass walls, the idea of living in a condominium in the business district, or a comfortable house furnished with earth colors and nature. Imagine, a house that reflects your growth, lifestyle, and needs.

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Studies show that an average person spends 40% of their lifetime at the four corners of their house. With this time spent, the house must adjust for the person instead of the person changing for their house. Building a home is already very costly without paying an architect to design your home. So we end up thinking, "Do we really need to hire an architect in building our dream home? Won’t It just increase the price and I end up with less?"

An architect is a professional who studied and trained for years in planning and designing buildings. They live and breathe to build your dream house. They provide benefits more than what you pay them. However, how do they exactly help you?

1. Architects have a good understanding of your needs. Before starting the design process, architects give much of their time to getting to know you as their client. They explore your lifestyle and weighs the pros and cons of every design that you have in mind. They take note of each detail that you want in your home and combines it all together to give you your dream home. All of this while making sure that the design complies with the building codes and zoning laws in your space.

2. Architects offer creative designs and refreshing ideas. Architects will show you broad scope of design from the latest trend of minimalism to the timeless beauty of baroque.

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3. Architects avoid design errors. They plan. They take time in making sure that the design will not fail. The architects trained with the best and updated practices and will utilize the best 3D modeling technology for a more realistic design. They provide you with accurate and detailed drawing to ensure that there will be no design errors.

4. Architects provide creative solutions. Architects design big spaces even with small budgets. They find creative solutions to unexpected complex situations. The architects are best in their craft in choosing the best materials and strategies to make sure that you get your money’s worth.

5. Architects increase the likelihood of a profitable investment. Architects add value to your home with their knowledge. Every detail is covered making sure that if you ever resell your house, you are sure that everyone else will want it. Also, veteran architects involvement will enhance the value of your infrastructure by a simple virtue of their name.

6. Architects help you choose the best finishes and materials. Knowledgeable in a wide range of materials and finishes, architects recommend the best and appropriate ones for your need.

7. Architects maintain your resources. Architects are aware and fully understands the value of preserving your space. They give you practical plans that making sure the building has proper orientations.

8. Architects negotiate with contractors. Architects can do the negotiation for you. They cooperate with the contractor to ensure that you get the design and budget that you want.

9. Architects make your life a lot easier. Admit it, the building and construction process is long and stressful. However, you need not experience unnecessary stress by being your representative in the construction process.

Hire an architect because they develop your dream house ideas and make it even better. Hire them if you want a smooth building process. Hire them if you want to avoid unanticipated happenings. Hire architects if you want to transform a dream into reality!

However, there is also an alternative and that is to hire a design/build contractor led by an architect like Advento Builders. Design/build contractor combines the best of both worlds. However, that is for another time.

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