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Condo, Townhouse, or House and Lot: Which is better for you?

A great milestone for anyone in the world, most especially for Filipinos, is when they buy their first real estate property. This purchase is a symbol of achievement, of success. But of course, anyone who is planning to buy their first property needs to be critical and sure of what they really want. To help you with that, the list below are the usual real estate properties that Filipinos like and buy. All of them can cover varied tastes and budgets. See which one would best fit for you, which one would you like to be your new home?

1. Condominium

Basically, a condominium is a unit space property found in a building. Condominiums can be single unit that has at least one, two, or three bedrooms, or it can also be a studio-type condo. Each unit is usually owned by an individual owner or you can opt to own multiple units. Once you own a unit, you are then entitled to all the amenities of the building such as pool, gym, court, etc. (this would vary on what is available) Most condominiums are found in cities or in places with busy business areas.

This is perfect for those who wish to have a lot of amenities within reach without having to worry about maintaining it. There are many different types of condominiums some have around 8-12 floors while some even soar up high as 28 floors.

Condo pictures for article - Advento Builders

2. Townhouse

This can also be called a townhome. Townhouses are homes that can be separate or joined but all are similar-looking. This can also be found in residential areas around urban cities. Most of the time, styles like this are turned into rental properties, making it perfect for those who are just starting out their family.

Townhouses are quite like condos for the convenience it provides, more expensive than a condo but less expensive than a house and lot.

Birdhouse project of Advento Builders

3. House and Lot

The most common goal-of-purchase for any Filipino is a house and lot. A house and lot purchase is exactly its title, both the house and the lot. House and lots vary in sizes and of course price. But this is preferred option of many Filipinos for the reason that rents will no longer be a worry, more space is available, and at the same time, it is the more secure choice. There are many different types of house and lots.

Single Detach

A single detach has a building that is free-standing with an open space all around.

Laila: Single detach project of Advento Builders


Bungalows are single-floored houses that usually has a wide front porch or a veranda.

Lucilla - Bungalow project of Advento Builders


A duplex is a building that is usually two-storeys, divided into two households by having two separate entrances. The two households share a common wall.

Birdhouse Duplex project of Advento Builders

Buying your own property is an important decision which is why you must learn about every possible option to have the best possible choice. So on the list, which one of these would you like to be your future home?

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