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Top Five House Designs in the Philippines

Admit it or not, we all want different things for our own unique house design. For most of us, it may be hard to choose what style we want. Before you look for an architect or a design/build contractor like us, how about checking out our list of top house design in the Philippines. How about you, do you have your own list? How about sharing it with us?

1. Bungalow This house design is probably one of the most iconic house design for Filipinos. Bungalow is derived from a Hindi word bengali that roughly translates to bengal-style. This style is common in gated communities and subdivision because it gives relaxation. This one-and-a half story has a low ceiling, a weighty stone porch supports, a columns, and a wide porch that can occupy many guests. Its outside materials contain ordinary siding, stone, and/or stucco. Talk about comfy.

Bungalow design by Advento Builders| Design/Build Contractor

2. Country Style This style connects architectural details such as comfortable and well-proportioned exterior. It is also famous in their sentimental looks that offer lasting appeal, so it used in country-themed cafes and coffee shops .The overall home design and the interiors can include shabby chic or vintage elements. When you want classic, you can never go wrong with country style.

Country style house design by Advento Builders | Design/Build Contractor

3. Mediterranean This home design is seen through beach-side properties and upmarket resort. It is also filled in hacienda style accents like balconies, patios, and ornamental details. This one-story design has the following: colorful tiles as accents, heavy wooden doors, huge windows through Verandas on the second floor, low roofs that slope that gives shade, open arches, tegola stone roofs, terracotta exteriors, tile roofs, and wrought-iron balconies.

It gives refreshing ambiance even though it is built in the middle of the street. Thus, it increases its popularity in upscale communities and posh subdivisions outside Metro Manila. This house is perfect for those who want to feel what being a haciendero is.

Mediterranean house design by Advento Builders | Design/Build Contractor

4. Mid-Century Modern or Minimalist This design is one of the most requested designs in more high-end areas because it can combine perfectly with the colors of brown, ecru, and brassy, and it can emphasized the simple lines and silhouettes using natural and pared-down design elements. The characteristic of a current minimalist house design are the following: simple wall finishes and cladding; neat, expose, and light-filled spaces; simple yet stylish type of design; and creative use of material for visual character, curiosity, and texture. Moreover, this type of design has a purpose to maximize space to have a solution in clutter and smaller-than-average spaces. This is marrying efficiency and style to show-off to your city neighbors.

Mid-century modern or Minimalist House Design by Advento Builders | Design/Build Contractor

5. Townhouse Style This is known as “apartments” or “door apartments” and it is the most usual design in urban areas. It is famous for rental properties before families want to buy or rent townhouse before moving to a larger property. This is constructed where land is costly like increasing metropolitan areas Aside from this, this style conquered the early residential development in cities and urban areas because it involves small lot area (per unit) that is cheaper. Also, this townhouse style is planned with a slight fashion and style rather than the usual multi-family building that intended for single-family homes to save space. Efficient and effective for those who are just starting out.

Townhouse House Design by Advento Builders| Design/Build Contractor

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