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Oton Puregold Bidding Advertisement

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This is an official blog post of Oton Puregold Bidding.

Change log:

7/25/2017: Changed the availability of plans to July 31, 2017.



To whom it may concern,

This is an advertisement regarding competitive bid and/or quote for the construction of a commercial building located at Sitio Asinan, J.C. Zulueta St., Brgy. Poblacion South, Oton, Iloilo owned by Grand Southern Summit Realty Corp. This commercial building will be the home of Puregold Oton.

Hernando G. Advento Builders Corp. function in this bidding is design and project management. Therefore, we are looking to hire a general contractor for the construction. We are not looking for subcontractors.

The format is a Performance Bid Project, therefore, all items and components relevant to perform the required scope will be included. The procedure is a close competitive bidding, therefore, opening of bid price will be conducted by the bidding committee only. No representative necessary for the bid opening. Bid winner will be awarded the full contract of the following:

  1. Civil works

  2. Structural Works

  3. Plumbing works

  4. Electro-mechanical works

  5. Finishing works (exterior only)

You can contact us for instructions thru our email: arkiadvento@yahoo.com

For interested parties, the bidding documents and complete plans will be available by July 31, 2017. Bidding documents and completed plans can be purchased for a non-refundable fee of fifteen thousand pesos (Php 15,000.00). This will include both paper and electronic copy and will be sent thru one-day courier and email. All addendum and additional documents will have no charge.

For more information, you can contact Engr. Mark Timothy Advento or Arch. Patrick Lapat thru (044) 794-0334, 09778010802, and 09255155525.

Yours sincerely,


CEO and Founder

Hernando G. Advento Builders Corporation



Sneak peak of project


Bidding Procedure

Bidding procedure of Advento Builders

Pre-bidding question and answer

What is the description of this project?

The project is a four thousand one hundred twenty-five square meter (4125 sqm) commercial building. The build-type is steel structure warehouse/industrial. The architectural elements are limited to the façade. The area is divided into two-parts, rentable retail space at the front and Puregold supermarket at the back. Only the shell or structural elements is part of the contract.

What is the function of Hernando G. Advento Builders Corp.?

We are the design and project managers for this project. Therefore, the bid winner will be considered the general contractor of the project.

How big is the project?

As have been written above, the project is four thousand one hundred twenty-five square meter (4125 sqm) commercial building. The interior finishing is not part of the project.

What is the scope of work?

The scope of work of the project are:

  • Civil works

  • Structural Works

  • Plumbing works

  • Electro-mechanical works

  • Finishing works (exterior only)

What is not included?

Exclusions are:

  • Sewage treatment plant

  • Interior finishing

  • Electro-mechanical works of Puregold area

  • Plumbing works of Puregold area

  • Parking lot

Are you awarding the project by parts?

No, all of the scope of work tasks will be awarded to one general contractor only. It will be at the general contractor's discretion if it will be broken down to subcontract.

Is there an Approved Budget of Contract(ABC)?

Yes, there is an ABC. The ABC of the project is thirty-five million pesos (Php35,000,000). The bids that exceed fifteen percent (15%) of the ABC will automatically be rejected at the opening of bid. There would be no floor price but please be reminded that you will be required to submit necessary bonds and insurance.

What are the requirements for the contractor?

First, you should be a non-blacklisted licensed PCAB contractor. There are no necessary levels. You should also submit you company profile so we can check if you have the necessary experience to handle the project. Also, you must accomplish the Advento Builders contractor accreditation form.

What is the benefits of being an accredited Advento Builders contractor?

All contactors that purchased the bidding documents will automatically be accredited as an Advento Builders contactor and will be automatically be eligible in all bidding of Advento Builders. The accreditation must be renewed every five years.

Why is there a fee for the bidding documents?

This is standard for construction bidding of this size. This is necessary to prevent nuisance contractors from joining the bidding. This is also to gauge the contractor’s financial capability. The fee is in fact low for a standard bidding documents purchasing fee.

How to win the contract?

We will be using an internationally established metric in rating a contractor’s performance level based on past projects. To give you an idea:

Price>Past Performance>Financial capability

If you are a new contractor or this is your first big project, give us your best price. If the price has minor difference (less than a percent) against more established contractor, the established contractor will still win.

Is a PCAB license really needed?

Yes. There is no way around that.

Is the bid document purchase fee refundable?

No, even if there is a declaration of failure of bidding. This is to prevent other contractors from colluding or gaming the bidding.

What is a close competitive bidding?

Close competitive bidding means that all the bids will be for the eyes of the bidding committee only.

When is the deadline for bid proposal?

The date of the deadline are August 11 for the initial bid and August 25 for the final bid.

When will the results of bidding be released?

It will be released one week after the bid opening of the final bid. However, there may be a clarification question during this period.

Is there anything unique in this project?

There will be necessary test for all the materials of this project so do not use substandard materials in your quotation. The project is in the beautiful island of Iloilo so make sure that the price of materials available is correct. We follow the once in, no out for materials meaning once the materials are in there, you cannot pull it out unless it is part of your equipment. There is liquidated damage every day you extended the deadline of the project without valid reason. More information will be given with the bid documents.

If I have other questions, who can I contact?

You can contact Engr. Mark Timothy Advento, Arch. Patrick Lapat, or Arch. Zyra Ranara thru (044) 794-0334, 09778010802, and 09255155525.


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