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The Art of Architecture and Engineering

Architecture has always been the key element for any infrastructure development of the economy. Without Architecture, no concept of any building, development, or structure can be formulated in a manner ‘most’ pleasing to the eye of a normal person.

In turn, no Architectural concept or design will be possible without the help of engineers during its design and construction phases. Architectural drawings need Engineering drawings to support its materialization and/or erection.

But there has always been a common challenge in this Architecture and Engineering set-up. Architectural design commonly has conflicts with the engineering design and vice versa. There may have been a notion that Architects are very “idealistic” in their design and Engineers on the other hand, are tagged as very “non-artistic” in their proposed solutions. Thus, results in delays and difficulties in the project at hand.

A good collaboration between Architects and Engineers would definitely improve the results of any development project. A harmonious working-together of Architects and Engineers will also reduce costs caused by any possible delays during design and implementation. If the Engineers understand the Architects’ objectives in their design and the Architects’ could foresee the Engineers’ point of view in terms of the development’s sustainability, both disciplines could work together in a more harmonious manner where even greater opportunities, design and implementation capabilities could arise.

Thus, Architecture and Engineering is an art that if both mixed in the right blend would yield a beautiful booming economic development.

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