• Engr. Mark Timothy Advento


Wireframe Buildings

Construction is an industry run by centuries-old institutions and self-serving policy makers.

An industry where the old and the established is accepted as ‘best’ and where ‘because we've always done it’ is the answer to most why’s?

The sort of industry where profits are almost always put before a customer’s needs or actually solving problems and where good enough is a job well done.

Fuelled by frustration of working in the industry, we at Advento Design Concept set out to look for same minded individuals to help us in an endeavour to change how things are done in construction. We turned our frustration into an opportunity to show that things can be done better.

There are a lot of problems in the industry and due to its sheer size, old-fashioned, cumbersome reputation, and closed group mentality, innovation seems unable to penetrate it. I believed that this is slowly changing.

Starting this year, we would start innovating our best practices, equipment, and digital technology. However, we don’t intend it to be a “trade secret” and rather we chose to share it with everyone. We believe that this can encourage contractors to share their knowledge contributing to a more dynamic and innovative industry.

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