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Vague Pricing

How much will it cost to do X, or how much per square meter (SQM) or linear meter (LM) to install Y… are the two most frequent questions asked during the initial meeting of remodeling and renovation.

The fact is most legitimate remodeling and renovations contractors don’t even think in terms of SQM or LM pricing, with the exception of maybe a few individual line items. Unlike new construction, every remodeling and renovation project has a different starting point and factor as far as what it is required to be done. The short answer to those questions is that most contractors including us generally have to look at the job first and then compute some numbers to get you an accurate and fair price for the work.

One quick example is installing ceramic tile – simple right? Well does the floor sag, is it bouncy, is it level, are there ridges, is it in an area with lots of water, what is the condition of the subflooring – does it need to be replaced? Those are all items that have to be addressed even before you consider what type of membrane or backer-board you will need to utilize with the tile. Then we get to the tile itself, what size is it, would you like it laid in a specific pattern, is it ceramic tile or is it really stone, etc…

When someone say I can do that for X amount without looking, then run away, far far away from that contractor. Because he is either trying to scam your money or cheat you in materials. If you are looking to actually resell the house, then you can actually go for the lowest price. But if you would be living there and your purpose is to improve your quality of living, then I think these lines would best some it up:


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