What makes Advento Builders great

We at ADVENTO BUILDERS loved constructing personalized residential and commercial structures. We provide clients with custom-built projects reflecting their character, preference, and budget. Our mission has always been helping clients in realizing their dream spaces ensuring that each project is unique and built with love.


We are generalist that has done everything, residential, commercial or industrial, big or small, private or government, individual or corporation, full construction or renovation, fit-outs, furniture fabrication, you name it. Give us a budget, tell us what you need, and we will give you want you want.


Still, we take pride in our bread and butter of design/build custom residential homes, commercial buildings, and government buildings. We are commonly referred to us a house contractor or house builder.


Some of our highlights are Mariano residence, Guiguinto Municipal Gym, Guiguinto Dep-ed Multipurpose Gym, Baylon Mansion, Balahadia Mansion, Oton Puregold, Archer's Commercial Building.

Founder and CEO

Arch. Hernando Gemanel Advento,fuap

In 1977, Hernando Advento, a fresh graduate of B.S. Architecture, dreamt of having his own design firm, with the aim of creating new concepts on architectural design. Over the years, he experienced working at renowned architectural and engineering firms, such as Arcenas Payumo Andrews (APA) Architects, DCCD Engineering Corp., Zuhair Fayez Consultants as well as a U.S. based consultant firm Perkins & Will International. 

but also the country. Recently, he has been elevated to "Fellow" status in United Architect of the Philippines (UAP) for having rendered notable and outstanding contribution to the architecture profession. He is the first architect to be elevated to Bulacan,He finally decided to form his own design and build firm in 1987. With limited resources and innate courage, he gambled everything he possessed to design and build his own house, the very first project of the newly formed firm.  It was the start of a slow, rough, and difficult but steady progress of the firm. 
Today, he is one of the more prominent architects not only in
fellow under the category of design-build construction.


-THE TEAM- (under construction, but we are eleven (11) pips now)

Mam Juliet

Wife and life long partner of Arch. Hernando, she helped establish the company by handling financing and public relations.

Engr. Mark

BSc Civil Engineering,

University of the Philippines, Los Baños


Agham Awardee,

Philippine Science High School – Diliman

Arch. Matthew

BA Architecture – Cum Laude,

University of Santo Tomas


Outstanding Thesis,

University of Santo Tomas

Engr. Eldrin

BSc Civil Engineering,

University of the Philippines, Los Baños


8th Placer 

Nov 2011 Civil Engineering Board Exam

Engr. Jeremiah

BSc Civil Engineering – Cum Laude,

University of the Philippines, Los Baños


BSc Environmental and Sanitary Engineering –

Technological Institute of the Philippines